Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rocking Roll!

Jobs are for chumps (currently, I am chump).

Come see God God Dammit Dammit with Juke Baritone (syd) this Friday Night (Sep 25) @ Crown & Anchor, Grenfell Street. Entry is free, humans under industro-capitalist monoculture are not. Doors are around 9pm?

Be there or be elsewhere.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

General Miscellanery / Assorted Etcetera

2005 / 2006 era.

Art school nude, probably the least awful of the bunch. Hey did I ever mention that I fucking hate charcoal? Because I fucking hate charcoal.

Apologies to model.
I did not intend to make you look like sausage.

Square eyes phase, 2005-2007.
Too much TV most likely.

June 2009, one of the best nights of my life.

Been kinda sick lately - watch this space for regular spewings again. In the meantime, endure the turds above.

Be excellent,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday heavy question time...

Had this gnarly dream where I was electrocuted. The toaster, I think, both blew and woke me up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Could've been a contender...

I started this zine in 2005 and managed to lose most of the pages before it was finished. Disheartened, I gave up and decided to spiral into a shitstorm. Oops. I found this just before stuck in the back of one of my uni notebooks. Aw shit. Maybe I would've found it if only I'd been a better student and/or attended class. In hindsight the world was probably spared a few cringeworthy sentences, but still, I like the front cover. So, up on the world wired net it goes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grateful Notebook (Part two)

More scribblings. Craptor, E-kid-napper, Bopper Bear (badpaw), Brodown '09 and The Affirmation of Matt in all their unpleasantness. Endure!

i'm litigatin' it

So, McCurry beat McDonalds in court, and now after 8 years of legal battles the small Malaysian restaurant is allowed to retain their prefix 'Mc', which in their case stands for 'Malaysian Chicken'. How sad is it that McDonalds, largest "land-owner" on the planet, the very epitome of modern day capitalism, would actually spend 8 years fighting for this? Is it only me that thinks this kind of behaviour is pathetic and/or psycopathic?

Lets look at this as a hypothetical scenario. You're in Putrajaya. You're hungry. You decide that you would like to eat. You see 'McCurry' across the road. Do you;

A) Confuse the restaurant's (and it's menu featuring "Fish head soup") aesthetically different decor for that of a McDonalds restaurant (But who could possibly do that? People local to the area still know what a McDonalds looks like and can read their own language, and if you can afford to fly to Malaysia as a tourist, then you've seen a McDonalds too. After all, they're all the fucking same.)?

B) Confuse it for a McDonalds initially, but upon entry decide to settle for a curry, thus robbing McDonalds of the rightfully earned dollars your purchase would have yielded them?

C) Recognise it as a curry restaurant, because you're NOT A COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOT?

I think I know what most people would do. When does it end? Are we going to see "Don Muck-lene" performing "Bye bye Miss Generic non-trademarked Pie of the Americas"? Where do you greedy shitnecks get off?

Seriously, this reeks. I can't believe we, as a 'culture', haven't set fire to McDonalds, and all of its disgusting scummy ilk. I had to use the toilets inside one the other day waiting for a tram, man, I had to hold my breath. Did I miss the meeting where all we decided that the smell of SEARING HOT DEATH AND PIGSHIT was acceptable?

Does anybody else feel like they're just being fucking used by these people? They use of teams of psychologists to target herds of humans into the insane mass slaughter and consumption of sentient beings and use nasty, nasty chemicals to make sure that their food tastes exactly the same (wet/shitty), whether you're in Adelaide, Tokyo, New York or Putrajaya. And its not just them, all of these companies do it, all of them just commodifying death at our expense.

Anyway, the above jpeg is the sum result of how I spent my time during dial-tones today.
Be excellent, K.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grateful Notebook (Part one)

Recent notebook scribbles (apologies in advance) mostly done on bus trips or during dial-tones.

Impending Rock/Roll

OK Peligro! are locking ourselves in a small room with King Collins on October 3rd and not coming out until a record exists.

"Shitdamn, I am stoked.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Dirty Underwear

For Sale, $6.60 ono. Relax, I'm kidding (they're actually a giveaway), the title of this post also happens to be the name of an exhibition taking place at Grace Emily on September 22nd. I'll be putting some of my fartography up, and feeling inferior in the presence of (I'm told) works by Jakes 1 & 2, Mimby & Bekki and about seven others (not actually sure). All money raised will benefit Red Catherine (look her up!).

Here's one of my contributions, The Patriot. Al-x, come back to browntown. We miss your unwashed funk and power mouth.

I didn't take the drink machine incident so well

2004 Brutal Music Love Song (in Moody Blue)

All I can do is shrug now. I must've really liked the girl to let her touch my records.

2004 Late Night Total Mindfuck (in Snot Green)

I've only gotten worse with time. Oops.

Jammage Denied

BAND PRACTICE WAS CANCELLED YOU GUYZSE! Here is the unicorn of pre-jam jitters followed by the relucant cashews of acceptance. Before, and after. Sunrise, and sunset. Morks, and mindys. Up somebody's (yours)!

Misc Paintbrush Masterpieces (genius/virtuosity)

in the pink is part of my 'slams dunk; the funk' masterworks art series (excellent).
all pieces for sale, $450.
jim davis, please don't sue me over my drawing of barf-field (because, you are not funny).
other highlights include the long-awaited verbal clash between ronald mcdonald and joe mccarthy, still life portrait of wayne crabb, stephen hawking as voicemail king, sexy gentleman at slowmoving job desk, and every australian child's worst fear; the e-chid-napper.
don't bother me, just look at my ARTS.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

People / Folks.

People. They're everywhere, and most of them are into bullshit. I mean, they actively pursue the most heinous bullshit with their spare time and many of them seem to have forgotten that they are alive. Who made them all? Where do they store all you motherfuckers at night? And thats another question I have; how come so few people are up at night outside? Its beautiful out there at 3am, the moon, the silence, the possums and insects and in the sky a visual representation of all that ever was and ever will be in the star-filled inky black void of night. On second thought, I don't think I want that question answered. Keep your daytime, jerknecks. This arrangement works fine with me.

Ok, so this is my webbed log. Here, I'm going to put rants, raves, reviews, drawings, cuss words, haiku and whatever else I feel like, and I'm going to do